Monroe County - NY
American Legion Baseball

Welcome to Monroe County’s American Legion Baseball Web Site. This season (2018) continues the tradition of this program sponsord by our veterans. Foremost – for the athletes, coaches and staff participating in the Organization’s 93rd year of existence – we hope you recognize the honor and privilege it is to play in such a nationally recognized tradition. Approximately 65% of our current Major League ballplayers have participated in our program and every State in our Glorious Country has Legion sponsored teams competition. Who sponsors this program you might ask? Military Veterans made up of all branches of our Armed Forces who have participated in the era of this Country’s armed conflicts – it their way and commitment to give back by investing in the Youth of our Country – our future. An opportunity is presented to the athletes to develop their skills, personal fitness, leadership, patriotism and to just plain have fun. When you see a Veteran, why not express your appreciation for all they have given to you – on and off the field. We are very proud of our program and especially those who play our game – Support and pray for our troops.

The American Legion Baseball Code of Sportsmanship is recited by Players & Coaches playing American Legion Baseball prior to the start of competition in every State in the United States. In Monroe County we immediately follow the Code with a handshake or welcome to our fellow opponents – we conclude the competition with a hand shake to strengthen our resolve and appreciation for fair play and respect of the competitors.

I will:
Keep the Rules;  Keep Faith with my teammates; Keep my temper; Keep myself fit; Keep a Stout heart in defeat; Keep my pride under in victory; Keep a sound soul; A clean mind; And a Healthy body.


Many Legion Coaches wish to know if it is proper to place a Flag Patch onto a team's uniform. The National Americanism Commission has made the interpretation that it is permissible to place a Flag Patch onto the team's uniform. The Flag Code does not address the issue where a patch should be worn, however if a flag patch is sewn onto a Legion baseball uniform, the field of blue should be to the upper left closest to the heart. Therefore coaches should use common sense. The flag we wear appears to most as backwards, however it symbolizes the flag of our Country as It were blowing in the wind as a player moves and runs – Its natural flow. The Flag as a symbol of this Great Nation is to be worn on all uniforms with HONOR, DIGNITY AND RESPECT for which it stands. To learn more about proper flag etiquette, click on the flag.

Flag Etiquette

This site is dedicated to providing information about the program to the managers, coaches, players and fans.